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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I change using Manage My Booking?

    Passengers can change flight date, time, origin/destination, and contact information. You can also add/purchase ancillary items such as seats, prepaid baggage, and travel insurance.

  • Can I also manage/ exchange ancillary services I purchased such as prepaid seats, prepaid baggage or travel insurance?

    Prepaid baggage and seats, are non-refundable and non-rebookable. Changes in your itinerary will forfeit pre-arranged seats and/or baggage.

  • I booked a ticket online for myself and my child. Can I rebook my ticket only and cancel ticket for my child?

    Split changes may be done but only through manual request with VIA Support. You may call us at 02 990 0999 or email us at

  • How do I get another copy of my itinerary?

    You may retrieve your booking online through Manage My Booking. Once you retrieve your booking, you have the option to print the itinerary page.

  • What should I do if my booking is unable to generate PNR immediately?

    Please check back with us in 5 mins to 10 mins and try to retrieve your booking online through Manage Booking. Do not attempt to book again as this may result to a duplicate booking.

  • How do I enter my name in the guest details page?

    It is mandatory that your name should be identical to your passport, visa and other travel documents as these items will be checked at point of check-in and also to meet the entry requirements of your destination city.

  • I have a single name, how do I enter this in the Guest details page?

    Just enter your name on both the First and Last name fields.

  • I have a Jr. in my name, how do I enter this in the Guest details page?

    Just enter your suffix in the Last name field with your surname.

  • Where can I see the fare rules?

    The fare rules are displayed during the booking process or more specifically on the Select Flight page inside FARE DETAILS tab of each Flight result .

  • Under Guest Details page, what do the "Titles" mean?

    Mr. – Adult Men l Ms. – Adult Women l Master – Male children l Miss – Female children

  • My child is an infant now but on our date of travel, he/ she will be a child already. How will I book him/ her?

    You should book him/ her as a child already and enter the valid birth date

  • How do I know if my booking is confirmed?

    You may retrieve your booking online through Manage My Booking. The booking status is displayed in your Itinerary Receipt.

  • I'm a senior citizen. Can I book online?

    Senior Citizen Passengers are entitled of 20% discount provided the required OSCA ID

  • What time should I check in for my flight

    You are requested to check-in at least two hours before the scheduled departure time for domestic flights and three hours before the scheduled departure time for international flights. Check in counters close 45 minutes before flight departure except flights from New York, Dubai, Canton and London which require no later than 1 hour before estimated time of departure. If you check in after the counter closure cut-off time, you may not be accepted for the flight even if you are holding a confirmed booking.

  • What is the minimum connecting time required in taking my flight?

    Minimum connecting time depends on what carrier/terminal the passenger is arriving and the carrier/terminal where the passenger is connecting or departing. Connecting time between NAIA Terminal 2 and NAIA Terminal 3, and among PAL, and other airlines vary. Visit: (

  • How much airport terminal fee will I pay for my flight?

    Airport terminal fees are PHP550 (effective 01Feb12) for international departures and PHP200 for local/domestic departures. Out-manila and Out-Cebu flights booked online are inclusive of terminal fee.

  • What is Travel Tax?

    The Travel Tax is a levy imposed by Philippine government on individuals who are leaving the Philippines irrespective of the place where the air ticket is issued and form or place of payment, as provided for by Presidential Decree (PD) 1183.

  • How much is the Travel Tax?

    PH Travel Tax on Economy and Business Class: P1620 per passenger
    PH Travel Tax on First Class Fare: P2700 per passenger
    Visit for more details

  • Who are exempted and how can I avail the tax exemption?

    You may visit for the complete list of qualified passengers for exemption in paying the Philippine Travel Tax and how to apply the exemption.

  • What services can I pre-book while making a booking?

    Inflight meals l Check-In Baggage l Seat Reservations l Travel Insurance

  • I misspelled the guest name/s in my booking, what do I do?

    ReName option is available in VIA Portal under "Manage My Booking". Please note that this is only applicable for minor name corrections for Domestic Low Cost Carrier (LCC) Flights.
    For major name correction, you may send your request to below email address.

    Philippines AirAsia (PQ) / AirAsia Zest (Z2) Attach passenger passport copy l (
    Philippines Airlines (PR) 
    SkyJet (M8) 
    JetStar (3K)Attach passenger passport copy | (Send email request to or Agency Partner
    may contact Jetstar reservation directly through 02-453-6666.)
     For GDS, requirements and penalties may vary depending on the airline and fare rule.
    You may coordinate with our VIA Support by calling or sending us and email.

  • Can I make a one way booking?

    Yes, you can. However, please take note that to travel to an international destination, you may be required to provide a proof of a return or onward journey ticket as pre-condition of being allowed entry by the respective immigration authorities.

  • Can my personal details be saved so that they can be automatically populated every time I make a booking?

    Currently this is not supported by System. However, "Traveller's List" is available which helps you save the name of passengers you have recently boooking using your portal.

  • How do I check the status of a flight?

    Philippines AirAsia (PQ) / AirAsia Zest (Z2)You may go to and enter the date, departing station,
    arriving station and flight number to check the scheduled, estimated and actual time of the flight.
    Philippines Airlines (PR)

  • How do I handle guests needing special assistance

    Expectant MothersIt is the responsibility of the pregnant guest to advise us of the progress of their pregnancy during booking and upon check-in.
    We refuse carriage to pregnant guests 34 weeks and above. For pregnant guests less than 34 weeks, please bring a medical
    certificate stating the age of gestation with notation "Fit to Travel" and signed by your personal physician. The guest must complete
    travel within the validity period of the medical certificate which is seven (7) days from the date of issuance for both domestic and
    international flights. Kindly fill out the Special Handling Form and present at check-in
    Unaccompanied MinorsChildren below 7 years old will not be accepted for carriage unless they are accompanied by a person of at least 15 years of age.
    Children aged 7 to below 12 years old will be accepted only after the Unaccompanied Minors Form is accomplished and submitted
    and the prescribed Unaccompanied Minor Handling Fee is paid.
    Guests with Medical Case and
    Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC)
    Guests with medical cases are allowed for carriage provided that the following documents are properly filled out and accomplished:
    1. Special Handling Form
    2. Medical certificate stating the guest is "fit to travel" and signed by your personal physician.

  • Can I change the time or date for my flight?

    Rebooking and Rerouting is possible subject to corresponding fees and restrictions. Click the "Manage My Booking" and choose the necessary action you want to take.

    Philippines AirAsia (PQ) / AirAsia Zest (Z2)Php1920 Per passenger / per way
    SkyJet (M8)Php 1120 Per passenger / per way
    JetStar (3K/JQ)Php1700 Per passenger/ per way
    TigerAir (TR)Php 1972 Per passenger/ per way

  • What is FIT Booking?

    FIT booking refers to Frequent Individual Traveler consisting of 1, 2 or up to maximum of 9 passengers in one PNR. You can book your FIT booking directly through our portal.

  • What is GIT Booking?

    GIT booking refers to group inclusive travel consisting of 15 passenger minimum travelling together. Book and Buy fares are not applicable on GIT Booking.
    For group requests, please fill up the group form and send it to VIA Groupdesk is available from Monday to Friday between 8:30am – 7:00pm. Group Request processing time is 72 hours from the date of submission.

  • I just did a booking and noticed that I had confirmed a wrong flight. What shall I do?

    For Domestic, only Philippine Airlines flights are possible for voiding subject to Php 139.00 within same day issuance
    For International, LCC flights does not have voiding option while GDS flights may be voided subject to Php 500 within same day issuance

  • My passenger would like to avail of one-way Fare to Singapore. Is there probation from Philippine Immigration on one-way fares?

    Our Philippine immigration mandates all tourist passengers to get a return ticket. One way fares are only applicable to passengers with qualifying visa such as: OFW, RETURNING RESIDENT, STUDENTS, SEAMEN and IMMIGRANTS

  • What are the requirements for government workers to travel on official business trip?

    Government workers are required to secure a Travel Authority prior to their travel date. This document should be presented to the Immigration officer upon departure.

  • What are the travel requirements for a Filipino minor who is traveling alone?

    For minor ( 18 years and below) traveling alone, a Travel Clearance must be secured from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and should be presented to the immigration officer prior to departure.

  • What are the requirements for overseas Filipino worker (OFW) to depart from Philippines?

    Aside from the passport (at least 6 months valid), visa and contract, an OFW must also present a Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) before the concerned immigration counter. Otherwise, they shall not be cleared for departure

  • What are the requirements for foreigners to visit Philippines?

    The Philippine Immigration will require a return ticket for foreign passengers who will visit Philippines. Refer to VISA INFO for more information on allowed nationalities to visit Philippine without a visa.

    Is the terminal fee included in the International ticket?
    How much is the terminal fee? Is terminal fee applicable for children and infant?
    For LCC, VIA portal fares include Terminal Fee.
    For GDS, VIA portal fares include terminal fee except for infant passengers or in case of exemptions.
    Terminal Fee of P550 shall be collected for departures out-Philippines only.
    Terminal Fee of P750 applies to PR flights in conjunction with a domestic ticket.
    Terminal Fee is collected for child passengers age 2 and above.
    Terminal Fee is not collected for infant passenger age below 2.
    What are the requirements for a Filipino citizen to travel abroad?At a minimum, a traveler intending to go abroad on tourist purposes shall be required to present a
    passport valid for at least six (6) months, qualifying or transit visa whenever required and a round trip ticket.

  • What does LCC stands for?

    LCC stands for LOW-COST-CARRIERS. All LCC offers 7kg hand carry baggage and no Free Baggage Allowance. The following are the LCC operating in Philippines : Jetstar, Air Asia, Cebu Pacific and Tiger Airways.

  • What does GDS stands for?

    GDS also known as legacy carriers are those airlines which are booked under Global Distribution System. Refer to below list of airlines which are available for issuance.

    Airline CodeAirline

  • Who are entitled to Reduce PH Travel Tax?

    The following passengers are entitled to a standard reduce travel tax provided the passenger can submit a REDUCE TRAVEL TAX CERTIFICATE (RTT) upon ticket issuance.
    1. Minors from 2-12 years
    2. Filipino journalists on journalistic assignment
    3. Those authorized by the President of the Republic of the Philippines
    4. Legitimate Spouse of Overseas Contract Workers (OCW) travelling to worksite 5. Legitimate unmarried children of OCW below 21 years old travelling to worksite

  • I had made a reservation and it specified that the time limit is until the next week, however, upon retrieving the record today - it says "Your Order FMN is already expired". Can you tell me what happen to booking and why it expires?

    Every time you make a booking on-hold, you take the chance that the fare will be higher on the next day. Booking may still be active, but the fare had changed.
    The change may take effect due to the following reason:
    1)Fluctuating Airline Rate of Exchange
    2)Failure to meet the ticketing conditions of the fare.(Refer to the fare rule, Cat 5 known as ADVANCE TICKETING CONDITION). 3) Airline Fare re-structuring.

  • What is the airline rate of exchange?

    All International Fares are actually quoted in USD, we use standard airline rate of exchange to calculate the fare in PHP on daily basis.
    You may refer to:

  • Can I book a flight with expired passport?

    The passport must be valid for 6mos travel.In case of expired passport, we strongly recommend the passenger to renew his passport.In case booking is course through our VIA SUPPORT, we require a guarantee letter indicating that they are aware the passport is not valid and in case issue may arise, VIA will not be held liable against PASSENGER who accepted the booking. For booking made online, PASSENGER must agree to VIA Terms and Conditions.

  • How can I purchase baggage allowance on VIA Portal?

    Visit the Manage My Booking, retrieve your Reference number and click on "Upgrade baggage."

  • What is the time restriction to add on baggage?

    For Domestic flights, add on must be done more than 4 hours prior departure. On International flights, time limit varies depending on carrier. You may call VIA Support at 02 990 0999 for more details.

  • How much is the standard baggage fee, Airline-wise?

    Philippines AirAsia (PQ) / AirAsia Zest (Z2) 
    15KG Php170.00
    20KG Php280.00
    25KG Php580.00
    30KG Php900.00
     Bookings are inclusive of 7KG hand-carry baggage allowance per sector/per passenger
     Php 350 per kilo is charged for excess baggage. Visit: (

  • What is the difference between excess baggage and supersized baggage?

    Prebooked supersize baggage is baggage allowance that you book if you are going to check in baggage. It can be purchased online from creation of booking anytime after confirmation or up to 4 hours before your flight. Excess baggage is defined as baggage weight exceeding the prebooked checked baggage limit of up to 40kg for both AirAsia and AirAsia X flight.

  • Can I bring musical instruments on board?

    If you have a musical instrument which exceeds our cabin baggage dimensions you will need to purchase an extra seat and carry it in the cabin. However you must make sure it does not exceed 75 KG and does not exceed these dimensions: height 103cm, length 41cm, width 41cm. Visit: (

  • Can I combine my checked baggage with my travelling companion?

    Yes, you can combine the baggage if you are travelling with the same PNR booking number and present yourselves together at the check-in counter.

  • Do you provide free check in baggage allowance?

    No. If you travel with check in baggage you will be charged a fee at different rates depending on the weight and the airport from which you fly. You may access our fee schedule here. Do be aware that you will be charged a flat rate for the first 15kg and a different rate for each additional kg at the airport.

  • What is the maximum amount of checked baggage allowance that I can pre-book online?

    You can pre-book up to 40 kgs per guest. Please be advised that there is no limit of number of baggage to be checked in as long as the total weight does not exceed the prebooked weight and if it exceeds the prebooked baggage weight, every kilo after will be charged an Excess Baggage Fee .

    Philippines AirAsia (PQ) / AirAsia Zest (Z2) 
    15KG Php200.00
    20KG Php350.00
    25KG Php675.00
    30KG Php900.00
     10KG baggage allowance are limited to some destinations: MBT, TBH, CYP, BSO, USU, WNP, SUG, CRM, MPH, ZAM, TUG
     Your free baggage allowance varies according to your destination and/or the class you travel in.
     Free 10 KG check-in baggage for REGULAR ECONOMY Bookings
     Free 20 KG check-in baggage for PREMIUM ECONOMY Bookings
     One time add on per passenger/ per way

  • How much luggage can I bring on board?

    You are allowed to carry one piece of carry-on luggage small enough to be placed in the overhead rack or under the passenger seat of the aircraft cabin. The carry-on luggage should not exceed 45 in. or 115 cm. and weighing not more than 7 kgs. or 15 lbs

  • What are your guidelines in bringing pets/animals?

    Varied rules and regulations on carriage of animals as baggage may apply for specific countries depending on restrictions imposed by local Government Authorities Visit: (

  • Can I bring portable electronic devices on board?

    Electronic devices such as DVD players and MP3 players are accepted and can be used during the flight. However, for safety reasons, electronic equipment which transmit radio signals that interfere with the aircraft's navigation system must never be used throughout the flight. Visit: (

    SkyJet (M8)Baggage options not available but free baggage are provided
     With standard free baggage 7 KG hand carry per sector/ per passenger
     Free 10 KG check-in baggage per sector/per passenger (For Adult guest/s)
     Free 5 KG check-in baggage per sector/ per passenger (For Child guest/s)

  • How will I know if my baggage has been facilitated successfully?

    Your ticket will be updated showing the new baggage information. You may reprint your new itinerary by clicking "Manage my Booking" and Print ticket"

  • Will the existing baggage be forfeited if the flight is rebooked/rerouted?

    Baggage Carry-over varies per airline

    Philippines AirAsia (PQ) / AirAsia Zest (Z2)Rebooking: YES | Rerouting: not applicable
    Philippines Airlines (PR)Rebooking: NO | Rerouting: NO
    SkyJet (M8)Rebooking: not applicable | Rerouting: not applicable

  • What items will be carried free of charge as checked baggage?

    Baby strollers/buggies/prams, wheelchairs, mobility devices, crutches and walking frames can be carried free of charge as checked baggage provided they are being used and/or an infant, child, elderly, disable or a wheelchair user that is travelling. Otherwise, a checked baggage allowance must be prebooked. These items, except for crutches and walking frame, may be used until the boarding gate before they are checked into the hold of the aircraft. Upon arrival these items will be available on the baggage carousel at the arrivals hall. We will not be able to retrieve these items at the aircraft site and bring it to the aircraft door or passenger steps.Please note that battery operated wheelchair or other battery-powered mobility devices will not be accepted. Under certain circumstances, carriage of battery operated wheelchair or mobility devices might be accepted subject to removal of the battery (by guests) and the maximum weight allowed for wheelchairs and mobility devices is 85kg.

  • What is the difference between Hotels and Holidays?

    Hotel is room accommodation with or without breakfast. While Holidays are packages composed of hotel accommodation, transfers and tours.

  • How can I book a Hotel?

    Click the Hotel tab, supply all the required information such as city, check-in and check-out date, the number of room to be booked and number of guest/s.

  • How would I know how many guests are allowed in a room.

    Sharing types are located on the right side of the page upon confirmation of the booking. This will indicate how many guests are allowed in the room.
    Please see below sharing types and corresponding number of guest/s:
    SINGLE: One (1) guest/s maximum
    TWIN/DOUBLE: Two (2) guest/s maximum
    TRIPLE SHARING: Three (3) guest/s maximum
    QUADRUPLE: Four (4) guest/s maximum

  • How would I know the child policy of the hotel or they are free of charge?

    This will depend on the child policy of the hotel. You may call our trunkline (990 0999) to inquire about a specific hotel's Child policy. Also, please note that some international hotels, esp. in the US, Canada and Mexico, do not allow children to check-in. You may easily know this if the hotel name includes "Adult Only."

  • How would I know the hotel's meal plan?

    The meal plan is indicated below the hotel room type/category. Please see below types of meal plan:
    Room Only
    Bed and Breakfast

  • What if my preferred hotel/s is/are not on the system?

    This may be due to fully booked status or live inventory updates. You may call our trunkline (990 0999) to inquire about a specific hotel's availability.

  • How can I sort hotels?

    On the left corner of the page, you can sort hotels by name, price range, star rating, by nearest location and hotel amenities.

  • Are there any requirements for International hotel booking?

    Complete name of guests (as they appear on a valid government-issued ID, preferably on the passport) are needed. Whenever there are children, it is required to input their age by the time of check-in.

  • How can I book a Holiday?

    Click the Holidays tab, supply all the required information such as city, check-in date, and number of guest/s.

  • If I have a preferred itinerary and it is not available in the Holidays tab, what should I do?

    We can definitely arrange a customized package that will suit your preferences. All you have to do is call our trunkline (990 0999) and provide the following details:
    Preferred Hotel (if any; or specific amenities that you prefer)
    Specific Check-in and Check-out Dates
    number Of guest/s (if with children, please specify age)
    Preferred Tours and Transfers

  • What does On Request mean?

    On Request means that instant online confirmation cannot be guaranteed due to inventory updates or minimal availability of rooms.
    You may call us on our trunkline (990 0999) so that we can do the booking manually for you, provided that there are available rooms.

  • Is it possible to have a Package reservation?

    Package reservation must be sent to holiday's department of VIA 15 days before the desired date of guest's check-in.
    You may call us on our trunkline (990 0999) for inquiries.

  • How would I know the package details?

    Just click "View Details" under package validity to review the package details such as Inclusions and package conditions.

  • How can I sort Holidays?

    On the left corner of the page, you can sort package by budget, hotel name, star rating, cities/regions and itinerary.

  • If I have a group, where do I send my inquiry?

    Please send your group inquiries to (). Please note that for Hotels and Holidays, it will only be considered a GROUP if the number of hotel rooms which will be booked is at least eight (8). Also, allow us at least 72 hours (3 working days) to work on your group quotations. This is to make sure that we get the best and most competitive rates for your guests.

  • What is FDP?

    FDP stands for Fixed Departure Program specifically designed by Via Philippines so that any Filipino passengers can take advantage of a travel package including hotels, airfare, tours & services on a specified date for a much better price compared to a private tour.

  • What is the minimum number of participants required?

    Minimum number of participants is two (2) persons. If you are a single traveller, we may either find you a roommate or if not, single supplement rate applies.

  • Is the rate posted applies only to Adult? How about for children and infant?

    Rates posted on our website is for adult only. You may call us on our trunkline (990 0999) for rate inquiries for children and infant.

  • What are the regular inclusions?

    The package combines airfare and hotel stay based on a standard accommodation. We normally choose hotel which is ideal for you. We also include the following services:
    Round trip transfers airport-hotel, tour arrangements, meals, services of tour guide & coordinato

  • What are the regular exclusions?

    The following are excluded: Applicable taxes (Varies depending on the airline), Philippine Travel Tax (Php1620), Terminal Fee (Php550), Visa Fee & Processing (if applicable) and gratuities for the driver & guide.

  • Does this program also apply to a Foreign Passenger?

    Yes but Supplemental Charges applies to a foreign passenger depending on the destination and nationality.

  • Where can I find the flight details of this program?

    Flight details will be posted under "View Details" tab once you select the Fixed Departure Program button under Holidays Tab.

  • Is it possible to add optional tour on this program?

    It is possible depending on the prefer tour and flight details.

  • If my booking is confirmed, is it possible to cancelled and request for refund?

    For our hotel and domestic packages, it depends on the cancellation policy implement by the hotel itself.
    For tour, cancellation charges apply.
    For International and FDP Packages, it is non refundable.

  • If my booking is confirmed, is it possible to rebook my booking?

    For our hotel and domestic packages, it is possible depending on room availability of your new travel date. It is also possible if your request is before the cancellation policy of the hotel.
    For International and FDP Packages, it is non rebookable.

  • What payment options does VIA have?

    Currently we accept payments using credit cards (visa/master card) and net banking only.

  • How do I know that my credit card information is safe on your site?

    VIA is a VeriSign Secure Site. Any information you enter when transacting over VIA is sent in a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) session and is encrypted to protect you against unintentional information disclosure to third parties.

  • Under what name will my purchase be charged on the credit card statement?

    Your purchase will be charged under Via Philippines Travel Corporation.

  • What happens if payment has been deducted from my account/charged to my card but thereafter nothing happened/the website did not respond/etc.

    If payment has been deducted from your account/charged to your card we would automatically refund the full amount and same would reflect in your account/card statement within 7 working days.

  • While trying to book a ticket, I filled in and submitted my payment details and then nothing happened/ the website did not respond/I could not proceed with the booking.
    What do I do?
    You transaction could not be completed. Your transaction was not successful

    The airline link may be down and therefore until the airline side the link is not revived the reservation cannot be processed.
    The passenger or passport information keyed in is incorrect format
    The Card payment failed as card payment is not 3D secure on OTP
    The Net banking payment failed as you did not enable popup in your browser settingThe airline link may be down and therefore until the airline side the link is not revived the reservation cannot be processed.
    The passenger or passport information keyed in is incorrect format
    The Card payment failed as card payment is not 3D secure on OTP
    The Net banking payment failed as you did not enable popup in your browser setting

    Note: We suggest that you check with your bank if payment has been deducted from your account/charged to your card. In case, payment has been deducted or charged to your account we would automatically refund the full amount and same would reflect in your account/card statement within 7 working days.

  • What is transaction charge?

    These charges are levied by the bank directly as payment gateway charges to facilitate online payments. Such charges are applicable on all online payments on all sites.

  • How do I contact Via?

    Via Customer care is open 24/7. For any assistance, contact us at or call us at 02 990 0999. Our Customer Service Executive will be happy to assist you.

  • How do I know my reservation is confirmed?

    You will receive a VIA Booking Confirmation email when your booking is confirmed.
    If you do not receive an email you can view the status of your booking by logging on to our website and entering the VIA Reference number by clicking on "Manage My Booking" option.
    If you have not received a confirmation email and cannot find a successful transaction, please contact our Customer Service Centre via our Hotline Support at 02 990 0999 or email at

  • Do I need to reconfirm my flight reservation?

    You may re-confirm your reservation. If you need any information, you can login to our website or call our customer service team at the call center number mentioned above.

  • Why have I received two confirmation emails?

    If your booking is on Jet star, Tiger Airways, Air Asia or Scoot the Airline, we will email you a separate confirmation email which will also be your E-Ticket.
    This means you will have two confirmation emails, one from VIA and one from the Airline.

    The airline booking reference is different from your VIA booking reference number.
    When checking your flight online on the airline website, use the airline confirmation number (PNR)

  • What is the maximum number of seats I can book?

    A maximum of 9 seats can be booked at one time. If you need to book for more than 15 passengers please send an email to as it will be treated as group.

  • How do I book online with a single name?

    VIA website mandates both the first (given name) and last name (surname) during the booking process. You can do so by repeating the name on both the first and last name fields and follow- up with a call to our service team immediately after booking online.
    Contact us at 02 990 0999 to amend the name on the flight booking to reflect the correct single name as per your passport details.
    However please do note that to process such name changes there may be respective airline fees involved.

  • How can I purchase Seat Reservation on VIA Portal?

    Visit the Manage My Booking, retrieve your Reference number and click on "Seat Request". You may also avail seat upon booking creation subject to standard fees.

    Philippines AirAsia (PQ) / AirAsia Zest (Z2)Premium Seat: Php 520 | Standard Seat: Php 140 | Regular Seat: Php 100
    Philippines Airlines (PR) You can pre-reserve your seat during your online ticket purchase or by requesting Advance Seat
    Reservation when purchasing your tickets through PAL Call Center or at any PAL Ticket Office.
    You may do this from the time of your booking up to 24 hours prior to your flight.
    Visit: (
    SkyJet (M8)Not Available

  • What happens when there are no more seats available to reserve when I'm booking my flight?

    This doesn't mean that you won't have a seat on your flight, it simply means that the only seats left to assign will be done directly at the airport upon check-in.

  • I'm changing my flight(s). Do I need to select a seat again?

    Yes, you need to select a seat again and pay the corresponding fee

  • Is the Advance Seat Reservations fee refundable?

    No, the Advance Seat Reservations fee is non-refundable if passenger voluntarily cancels or changed his flight

  • Is the Advance Seat Reservations fee transferable to another person?

    No, the Advance Seat Reservations fee cannot be transferred to another person

  • Why do I need to pre-book my meal?

    Pre booking provides an up to 20% discount.